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March 24, 2021
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April 1, 2021
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by Garry Kilworth

Long ago, long before Sylver the weasel was born, the humans all left Welkin. Now life for a weasel – under the heavy paw of the vicious stoat rulers – is pretty miserable (unless you happen to be a weasel who LIKES living in a hovel and toiling all hours for the benefit of the stoats). It’s certainly not enough for Sylver. Or for his small band of outlaws, both jacks and jills. But slingshots and darts can only do so much against heavily-armed stoats and life as an outlaw has a fairly limited future (probably a painful one, too). That’s when Sylver comes up with his plan – a heroic plan that could destroy the stoats’ reign of power for ever. He will find the humans, and bring them back to Welkin! And the first step is to follow up a clue from the past – a clue that lies in a place known as Thunder Oak

Cover Art: Wandering Wolf
Instagram: @wanderingwolfdesign

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