December 1, 2020
The Sacrifice of Anton Stacey
December 3, 2020
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by John Wooley & Ron Wolfe

After twenty years away, Mick Winters has come home to find his worst childhood fears waiting for him. The spider so big it fills the mouth of the culvert. The black shadow lurking in the old coal pit. The slithering thing under the bed. Old fears, nothing but figments of a child’s imagination. Except — why is Jerry Meyers lying in the morgue with a torn jugular full of insect venom? What’s terrorizing the miners of Tanapah, Oklahoma? And what dragged Mike Henshaw beneath his bed and suffocated him? A horror epidemic for which there is no explanation — and no cure — descends upon the town and turns Mick’s dream vacation into a nightmare where old fears become deadly realities.


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