The Colour of Madness
The Colour of Madness
July 8, 2020
Taking Shape – Developing Halloween from Script to Screen
July 14, 2020
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by Dave Jay, Torsten Dewi & William S. Wilson

REVISED EXPANDED EDITION – Foreword by Stuart Gordon. With a career spanning four decades, producer/director Charles Band has been described as everything from ‘The new Roger Corman’ to ‘The PT Barnum of Exploitation’, released over 300 films, discovered Hollywood stars such as Demi Moore, Helen Hunt and Viggo Mortensen, and brought to our screens bona fide cult hits such as Re-Animator, Trancers, From Beyond and Intruder. With such an inexhaustible output, perhaps it is little surprise that no book has attempted to cover this most prolific of moviemakers. No book until now, that is…

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