City Come a-Walkin'
In Production
City Come A-Walkin’
January 10, 2021
Witch of Rhostshyl (Silverglass Book 3)
Silverglass 3 – Witch Of Rhostshyl
January 19, 2021
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by John Shirley

Taking the fall for his younger brother, Richard Candle went from being a cyber cop to a condemned criminal. After four years of “UnMinding”—with his mind suppressed and his body enslaved—he’s released to discover his brother has slipped back into the underworld of the V-Rat: the virtual reality addict. With human society sinking ever deeper into a mire of escapism, Candle fights his way through the world of underground stock markets, conscious programs, flying guns and the trash-walled labyrinth of Rooftown.


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