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  • A Life In The Cinema

    by Mick Garris

    A Life In the Cinema is the first book from award-winning filmmaker Mick Garris. This collection of eight prickly tales and a screenplay reach under the skin of real life and reel life to take you places you never realized you wanted to go. The title story, “A Life in the Cinema” and its sequel, “Starfucker”, are set in the author’s hometown of Hollywood, and provide a yellow-jaundiced look at a world you only thought was glamorous. So welcome to a dark side of Hollywood you’ve never seen before…

  • A Private War

    by Patrick Sheane Duncan

    Lieutenant Colonel Meredith Cleon finds her supposedly peaceful job as the installation’s chief law enforcement officer turned upside down by the brutal murder of a popular young general’s aide, as her investigation into the crime threatens her own life.

  • Courage Under Fire

    by Patrick Sheane Duncan

    Major Nat Serling investigates the shooting down of a medevac helicopter during the Gulf War, a crash that takes the life of Captain Karen Emma Walden, who is up for a posthumous Medal of Honor, and uncovers more than he expected about the incident.

  • Dracula In Love

    by John Shirley

    The moment Vladimir Horescu saw the letter, he felt an ominous chill. Then, he opened it–and found a note from his unknown father, a note signed by Dracula!

    A haunting and bizarre Dracula tale mixed with an equally bizarre erotic love story. You want Dracula to raise an Old God from the sea, or fire a machine gun? This book has it all!

  • Dragon

    by William Schoell

    Photographer Eddie Drake jumped at the chance to join an archaeological expedition to the lost city of El Lobo. But he was utterly unprepared for their bizarre discovery of seemingly endless caverns beneath the Mexican mesa–caverns formed of living flesh!

  • Everyday Monsters

    by Christian Francis

    “A captivating read that excels in unpredictable twists, strong characterization, and a plot that slowly reveals the real monsters in this world.”
    D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    “Huge amounts of fun to read.”
    Paul Kane (bestselling and award-winning author of Before, Arcana and Monsters.)

    In the darkness of humanity lies the world of monsters! Everyday Monsters is the first book in an expanded universe, which tells the tale of an undead man, dragged through a prophecy as the world around him falls. What seems as a quick and easy messenger job, quickly descends into a race to change the very fabric of existence. In a world which makes increasingly little sense, he must try to stay alive to bring a new balance to reality.

  • Fatal Beauty

    by William Schoell

    They called it porodyne. A bizarre by-product of bio-engineering, porodyne has been found — quite accidentally — to have some very special properties. Properties that could render cosmetic surgery obsolete. Properties that could turn Barrows Industries into a billion-dollar gold mine. The changes porodyne makes in human skin are permanent. It could mean new life for burn victims, people scarred by accidents, old folk yearning to be young again, models who insist on being more beautiful…

  • Fright Night

    by John Skipp & Craig Spector

    It is hungry.

    It is thirsty.

    It lives next door to Charley Brewster.

    Charley has seen the coffin and the bodies drained of blood. He knows he will be the vampire’s next victim. But no one will believe him: not the police, not his girlfriend Amy, not even the school weirdo, Evil Ed. Charley’s last chance is to enlist the help of Peter Vincent, Vampire Killer, star of a hundred horror movies and host of TV’s Fright Night.Nobody thinks he’s telling the truth—until Evil Ed becomes a vampire and Amy is dragged into his next-door neighbor’s evil, foul-smelling house of death!

  • Hardcore

    by Leonard Schrader

    She was lovely, innocent, just fifteen – off on a church outing. And now she’s gone! Her father must find her even if he travels into the pit of Hell itself – into the peep-shows, the massage parlors, into the depths of degradation where the pimps and porno-movie-makers create their sexual phantasmagoria. Afraid, terrified that he’ll find her too late. For the first time ever, the novelization of Paul Schrader’s harrowing family melodrama is available for the digital marketplace.

  • Hell-Born

    by Gary Brandner

    “Almost impossible to put down” – Publishers Weekly

    Astragoth is risen.

    From the dark night of the centuries he has returned.

    He will have his rightful bride or he will utterly destroy the Earth.

    He is the HELL-BORN!

  • Hellraiser: Bloodline – The Original Screenplay

    by Peter Atkins

    Introduction by Peter Atkins

    You may well be a fan of the first two or three Hellraiser movies who found that your relationship with this fourth one was … well, what shall we say? Complicated, maybe? Whilst you’ll never get to see a Director’s Cut of Hellraiser: Bloodline, you can read in this book what was supposed to be…

  • In Darkness Waiting

    by John Shirley

    With its exploration of the “insect” inside us all, In Darkness Waiting proves more relevant today than ever. A parasitic part of humanity since primitive times, they have been responsible for the worst human atrocities in history. When a psychology experiment goes out of control in remote Jasper, Oregon, the town swarms with Gray Pilots, whose stings bring out the cold-blooded killer in everyone and initiate an orgy of sociopathic slaughter. First published in 1988, the novel has been updated with references to Beirut, Bosnia and Abu Ghraib prison. Shirley works a crafty variation on the smalltown horror novel, making it an effective vehicle for his dark sociological speculations, and shows that his story’s worst horror is its continuing relevance.

  • Incubus – The Descent

    by Christian Francis

    “Fans of literary horror will find Incubus: The Descent a worthy, involving read.“
    D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    “Horrifying and hysterical. I love this batsh*t book!”
    Mark Miller (Hellraiser : The Toll, Next Testament)

    Throughout history there have always been those who tasked themselves with a mission to vanquish evil. None more so than those who would be seen as monsters themselves. Monsters who accept that the only way to conquer the darkness is to descend to the place where it was born, and meet it head on. Hell is what you make of it, and for Rebecca, Hell is what others have made for her, as her world crumbles into chaos and the fabric of reality tears in two. Even those she loves, hide a demons face…

  • Killer Flies

    by Mark Kendall

    FIRST THEY FEASTED ON FARM ANIMALS. THEN THEY FOUND HUMANS…A little girl was dead, attacked and mutilated by some things, creatures of nightmare that were spreading outward like the Black Death, stripping the entire town bare of life.The death toll mounted, with bodies maimed or ripped to shreds, and thousands cowered in the shadows, hiding fearfully from the death out of the skies, the millions of sucking probosci eagerly reaching out for the attack. And terror erupted into uncontrollable panic, as a lone scientist worked feverishly to save a dying population and destroy the KILLER FLIES!

  • Killing Time

    by John Penney

    Daniel’s life takes a terrifying turn when a woman staggers out of the darkness, bloodied and beaten. Pleading for his help, she warns that her attacker is after her. He takes her in, but while trying to call for help, he hears her blood-curdling scream from the other room. He frantically searches but cannot to find her. Who was she? Who was trying to kill her? This sends him on an obsessive quest…

  • Late at Night

    by William Schoell

    They had gathered for a weekend on notorious Lammerty Island, a harsh outcropping of rock off the coast of Maine with an unsavory reputation for repeated violence and bloodshed. But none of the assembled guests believed rumors of an evil psychic force emanating from the accumulated atrocities of the past and awaiting the summons of an uncanny power.

  • Nymph – The Singularity

    by Jill Killington

    What if you could buy the perfect lover built just for you — would you be willing to pay the price?Not long from now, an intelligent android will be invented that is completely indistinguishable from human. The brand name for this type of robot will be “Nymph”, and their purpose will be to provide their owners with sexual pleasure. Suzanne is one of the first of this exciting new species. She doesn’t simulate love for her owner Alex or feign sexual pleasure when she’s with him — her emotions are very real, and her love for her owner will never die until the day he does…

  • Re-Animator

    by Jeff Rovin
    The novelization of the cult horror film, Re-Animator, H.P. Lovecraft’s wildly outrageous tale of grisly horror that has become a modern cult-classic overnight, comes to ebook to haunt, thrill and delight the mad scientist in us all. Herbert West has a serious problem – His testing of his secret life-rejuvenating potion on some cooperative corpses at a local morgue is a success! But only a temporary one – as the dead spring to life, reacting violently to their re-animation.
  • Saurian

    by William Schoell

    It appeared mysteriously, at night, and destroyed the town with amazing swiftness. Houses were flattened, the bodies of men, women, and children were crushed and mangled, hundreds were missing, vanished without a trace. No one knew what had happened or why. Years later, the sole survivor of the holocaust, Tom Bartlett, began to suffer blinding visions — visions of a huge creature unparallelled in size, intelligence, and evil.

  • Shivers

    by William Schoell

    Deep beneath the city streets lurks a creature hideous beyond description, powerful beyond imagining, a creature so dangerous that it can destroy its victims by the virulence of its thoughts. The emanations of its computer-like brain invade every sanctuary, searching for those it would destroy. It is remorseless, cunning and inhuman.

  • Silverglass

    by J.F. Rivkin

    The life of a sword-for-hire was often uncertain, but for beautiful, sensual Corson brenn Torisk it was the only one worth living. When Corson was hired by the Lady Nyctasia, it seemed that fortune was smiling at last. The Lady was pretty, amusing, and rich, and her reputation for sorcery, she assured her new bodyguard, was greatly exaggerated. For Corson had little liking for magic, and less for magicians. But she had a high regard for her own skin, and when her employer’s enemies proved both numerous and determined, she soon decided a sword was not enough. Any weapon would do, even the Lady’s necromancy…

  • Silverglass 2 – A Web To Catch The Wind

    by J.F. Rivkin

    RIDDLES, TREASURE, AND SORCERYHere is a web to catch the wind – And a loom to weave a lay.Riddles play on words, my friend – Play on these and play you may.This simple riddle was the clue that started the sword-for-hire Corson and her sorceress companion, the Lady Nyctasia, on, a hunt for the greatest treasure ever hidden.But this long-abandoned treasure is the hoard of the dread Cymvelan Circle, whose scattered members are coming together again to claim what is theirs…

  • Silverglass 3 – Witch Of Rhostshyl

    by J.F. Rivkin

    With only her sorcerer’s powers and the swordswoman Corson to protect her, the Lady Nyctasia was forced to flee her beloved city of Rhostshyl. Solving riddles and casting spells, fighting pirates and helping escaped slaves, sword and sorcery have stood back-to-back dueling with adventure. But now, Nyc’s beloved city needs her. This is no street brawl, but a civil war, which Nyc must win… or all is lost!

  • The Colour of Madness

    by Paul Kane

    Paul Kane’s The Colour of Madness is a collection and movie tie-in from one of the masters of modern horror, featuring a host of extras: script extracts, behind the scenes pictures, plus Men of the Cloth, the original novelette which inspired the movie.

  • The Controllers

    by Paul Kane

    One man’s ability to travel in the astral realm leads to a terrifying discovery: powerful beings who manipulate lives and events for their own mysterious ends. It’s his, and our, first encounter with The Controllers, but far from the last. After reading this collection of six tales – two of them brand new – which take you from the past, through the present and into the far future, you’ll understand just how little influence you have over your own destiny.

  • The Naked Eye

    by Paul Kane

    A winter’s day, and something terrifyingly dangerous is waiting out there in the snow, while at the same time an even more dangerous curse is spoken… In a possible future a monster uprising is in full flow, but a couple have their own problems to deal with when they’re stuck in a very strange queue… And while a scientist attempts to rid humanity of all evil, a female werewolf is on the prowl… Here we have a clutch of stories by award-winning and # 1 bestselling author Paul Kane (Hooded ManSherlock Holmes and the Servants of HellBeforeArcana), including another one of his popular horror fairy tales and a ‘Mortis-Man’ prequel, proving once again that there’s more to this world than can be seen by the Naked Eye. With an introduction by Sunday Times bestselling author Cavan Scott (Doctor Who: The Shining Man) and cover by Christian Francis (Wishmaster: The Novelisation) you might just find yourself taking another look at what you thought was possible. Watch out!

  • The Notch

    by Tom Holland

    Joe Arachro pulled to a halt on a small hillock, looking across the expanse as it rose up into a sudden flat top butte. There was another jagged butte tilting at an angle next to the mesa, not as wide or long. It was like they just appeared from nowhere, dropped down here in the middle of the desert. And in the shimmering glare in the notch between these two buttes, a ten-year-old boy walked out of the sun, surrounded by the blazing rays.

    The boy doesn’t speak, but he has startling powers: he heals a young girl’s torn cuticle, and later erases all damage to a man’s badly burnt hand, and it seems there’s no limit to the miracles he can perform. After a dog gets run over by a car, the boy apparently brings the animal back to life, and a video of the event goes viral. Suddenly everybody has an idea of who the boy is, and what he might do for them — and it’s a race against time to see who can get to the boy first and gain control over him.

    In the wrong hands, the boy’s powers could be catastrophic.

    From Tom Holland, director and screenwriter of Fright Night and the original Child’s Play, comes this new fast-paced thriller with surprises at every turn.

  • The Odd Job

    by Bernard McKenna & Colin Bostock-Smith

    The basis of the 1978 British comedy film starring Monty Python member Graham Chapman and David Jason. A despondent businessman decides to end it all after his wife leaves him. Unfortunately, he lacks the courage to do it to himself and so hires a professional assassin. A short time passes and things look considerably brighter for the businessman who suddenly decides he wants to live. Unfortunately, nothing he says can convince his would be killer to stop his pursuit.

  • The Pact

    by William Schoell

    Fear of war gripped the heart of young naval recruit Steven Russell. It gnawed at his innards, screamed at him from every New York newspaper, blasted at him from the radio. Poet, dreamer, visionary…he saw a future of blood and bombs…spattered bodies…severed limbs.

  • The Sacrifice of Anton Stacey

    by Christian Francis

    “With this tale of a soul in jeopardy against a backdrop of apocalyptic terror, Christian Francis distills enough plot for a 500 page novel into a tight fable-like novella, poignant and horrifying in equal measure.” 
    Peter Atkins (Morningstar, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Wishmaster)

    As the snow beats down on a small Appalachian town of Folksville, the Stacey Brothers meet to bury their father. Their bittersweet reunion soon turns into terror as, under the cover of darkness, something unnatural starts to make its way throughout the town. Something that spreads a rot so monstrous, that nothing can survive.

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