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  • Bubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers / Bubba Ho-Tep

    by Joe R. Lansdale

    BUBBA HO-TEP – Elvis is spending his golden years at the Mud Creek Shady Grove Convalescence Home alongside a man claiming to be President John F. Kennedy. Strange sights and sounds leads the two to discover an ancient Egyptian mummy stalking the corridors of their retirement home. They soon face off against the monster…but will anyone believe their story or shrug it off as more tall tales?

    BUBBA AND THE COSMIC BLOOD-SUCKERS – Years before facing the cowboy hat-wearing mummy Bubba Ho-Tep in an East Texas retirement home, Elvis finds himself battling interdimensional body-desiccating beings at the behest of his manager, Colonel Parker. Joining him on this journey is clairvoyant Blind Man, master-planner Jack, hammer-swinging John Henry, bodyguard Johnny Smack, and trainee Jenny Jo Dallas. Down in New Orleans awaits the Big Mama, who would like nothing more than to drain the “Jacked-Up Mojo” from the group.

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  • Hot in December

    by Joe R Lansdale

    A psychological fast-paced thriller. One death is only the beginning for Tom and his wife Kelly who witness a fast-driving car killing their innocent neighbor in the street. Tom describes the driver to the police, but there is something he didn’t anticipate: the driver belongs to a powerful criminal gang in East Texas. The criminals make Tom and his family a target, abducting his wife Kelly and threatening his daughter. Now Tom must look to old war comrades for help in a brutal and unforgiving struggle to rescue his wife and bring justice to the notorious gang.

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  • Veil’s Visit: a Taste of Hap and Leonard

    by Joe R. Lansdale and Andrew Vachss
    Read by Joe R. Lansdale | Cover by Tim Truman

    Leonard is in jail for burning down the crack house for the fourth time. An old acquaintance of Hap’s named Veil comes to defend Leonard. He uses a ploy of showing Leonard as a savior of the neighborhood by burning out the plague carrying rats. If that ploy doesn’t work, they go to plan B.

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