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February 8, 2021
Encyclopocalypse signing event
October 27, 2021

Barbara Crampton goes inside the mind of a serial killer…

Read the full article about the audiobook recording of Our Lady of the Inferno by Preston Fassel over at AV Club.


Horror legend Barbara Crampton narrates an exclusive clip from Preston Fassel’s audiobook, now on Audible.

Back in 2018, we recommended a new book from the recently relaunched Fangoria Presents imprint called Our Lady Of The Inferno, a gritty crime novel by author Preston Fassel. Chronicling the violent collision of immovable force Ginny Kurva—unofficial den mother for the Times Square sex trade—and unstoppable object Nicolette Aster—a sanitation worker who moonlights as a serial murderer—we said that Fassel’s book “transfers the punchy midcentury pulp aesthetic to the equally grimy milieu of New York City in the early ’80s, for a serial-killer thriller that’s more character- and dialogue-driven than the majority of the dime-store novels that inspired it.”…


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