Everyday Monsters – The Animus Chronicles Book 1
June 28, 2018
In Sheep’s Clothing (Kindle edition)
February 25, 2019
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The Sacrifice of Anton Stacey – Tales From the Animus Part 1

“With this tale of a soul in jeopardy against a backdrop of apocalyptic terror, Christian Francis distills enough plot for a 500 page novel into a tight fable-like novella, poignant and horrifying in equal measure.” 
Peter Atkins (Morningstar, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Wishmaster)

Tales From The Animus – Part I
As the snow beats down on a small Appalachian town of Folksville, the Stacey Brothers meet to bury their father. Their bittersweet reunion soon turns into terror as, under the cover of darkness, something unnatural starts to make its way throughout the town. Something that spreads a rot so monstrous, that nothing can survive.

What is the Animus?
The Animus is a collection of books written by Christian Francis. They are separated into two sections, “The Chronicles” and the “Tales From“. “The Chronicles” are novels about the large scale world changing stories, the “Tales From” are the novellas which are the smaller, more intimate tales which occur out of the scope to the main novels but dwell within that world. Neither “The Chronicles” or “Tales From“. are told in order. They are fragments of a larger much more terrifying picture.


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