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  • Big Thunder

    by Peter Atkins

    A dark avenger from the pages of a 1930s pulp magazine, Strange Thrills, materializes in the present day streets of Manhattan. But he is not the only character coming alive in modern New York, and not even his creator’s fertile imagination could have prefigured the carnage to come.

  • Dr. Adder

    by K.W. Jeter
    Read by Edison McDaniels

    Set in a future where the United States has largely broken down into reluctantly cooperating enclaves run by a wide variety of strongmen and warlords, with a veneer of government control that seems largely interested in controlling technology.

  • Rumors of the Marvelous

    by Peter Atkins

    A brilliant collection of 14 short “ghost stories” by a contemporary master of the fantastic. Previously released as a limited edition hardcover in Great Britain and a finalist for The British Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction Collection. With stories ranging from horror, hints of sci-fi, and fantasy to epic poetry, Peter Atkins delivers all in a style uniquely his own.

  • The Big Brain 1 – The Aarvark Affair

    by Gary Brandner

    Before his birth, even before his conception, everything about Colin Garrett’s life was planned with a single goal in mind: to produce a genius child. The plan was so successful that the standard tests for for intelligence did not measure high enough to rate Colin on their scales. But the one thing the brain wasn’t smart enough to do was to keep his mind power hidden from the Army.

  • The Big Brain 2 – The Beelzebub Business

    by Gary Brandner

    It’s hell on earth for Colin “the Big Brain” Garrett, when an assignment to investigate the President’s chief advisor on foreign affairs leads him to the Beelzebub Club. The elite club is a haven of sex and Satanism for Senators and other Washington headliners.

  • The Big Brain 3 – Energy Zero

    by Gary Brandner

    The Big Brain is powerless, and so is the rest of the country. Call it energy crisis, blackout, magnetic warp .. Call It what you will, but there is just no electricity, plain and simple. Lights won’t light, motors won’t start – And without any AC, DC is on its knees, ready to surrender.

  • The Heart of Hell

    by Wayne Barlowe

    Award-winning artist Wayne Barlowe returns to his epic dark fantasy world with this sequel to God’s Demon – where rival demons war for control of the infernal domain. Sargatanas has Ascended and the doomed, anguished souls have found themselves emancipated. Hell has changed…hasn’t it? The demons, wardens of the souls, are free of their inmates…

  • Weaponized

    by Zac Thompson

    Truog Island is a desolate place where sexual activity is outlawed. There lives Trip Yash, bored out of his mind. That was until he met Cron. After a night of passion, Cron disappears taking Trip’s virginity with him. A few days later, Trip develops a rash on his hand that eventually blooms into a gun made from his own flesh. It’s not long before Trip becomes a living weapon locked in a battle against an ancient virus that threatens to ruin his island home. As his body continues to change, terrifying forces emerge with the power to weaponize the dead.