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  • Adventures in Amity – Tales from the Jaws Ride

    by Dustin McNeill

    The ultimate guide to the legendary attraction that once stood at Universal Studios Florida. The book contains over thirty new interviews with the ride’s designers, engineers, and skippers for unprecedented insight into its creation and operation. Hear the untold story of the Jaws ride for the first time ever from those who were actually there!

  • Animals, Movies & Minds from Another Time

    by Monty Cox

    In his own passionate and charismatic words, Monty Cox takes you through his surreal world of primal teeth and claws: how exotic animals – lions, tigers, bears, and more – are trained for film, television, and live acts.

  • Filmsuck, USA.

    by Eileen Jones

    For anyone wondering why both Hollywood and independent movies suck so badly lately, this collection of hilariously angry film reviews excoriates the recent film flameouts darkening our multiplexes. An extended introductory rant provides historical perspective on the long decline and fall of the American cinema.

  • Further Exhumed: The Strange Case of Phantasm Ravager

    by Dustin McNeill

    The fifth and final Phantasm took an incredible eight years to go from set to screen. The project began as an experimental short before becoming a thirteen part web series and finally a feature length sequel. Shot in secret on a microbudget, Ravager reunites Phantasm ‘s core cast thirty-five years after the original cult classic. The new sequel filmed not in Hollywood soundstages but in the homes of cast and crew. Visual effects were handled mostly by the director. Decades-old props were taken out of storage and dusted off for reuse. They just don’t make movies like this anymore. In fact, they never really did to begin with. Such is The Strange Case of Phantasm Ravager

  • H.P. Lovecraft in Britain

    by Stephen Jones

    Beginning with the first correspondence between August Derleth and Victor Gollancz in 1950, this book chronicles every British appearance of the master’s work from 1951’s The Haunter of the Dark & Other Tales of Horror through Jones own 2008 collection, Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H.P. Lovecraft. Also included in this book is the H.P. Lovecraft short story, The Horror in the Museum. It’s main character is called Stephen Jones. Is he the same Stephen Jones as the author of H.P. Lovecraft in Britain? Only Lovecraft truly knows.

  • Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

    by Thommy Hutson

    “The ultimate dream and/or nightmare for Freddy Krueger fans.”
    Entertainment Weekly “Must” List

    “Even the most hardcore Elm Street and horror movie fan will be surprised at what they read.”
    Bloody Disgusting

    “A must own for fans of the franchise.”

    Never Sleep Again is the ultimate chronicle of writer and director Wes Craven’s scary, thrilling, and innovative 1984 film. From exploring what spurred mastermind Craven to craft his watershed film, to the beginnings of Robert Shaye’s revolutionary New Line Cinema, and learning how the cast and crew brought their worst nightmares to life. Pieced together with dozens of exclusive new cast and crew interviews, it’s a tale fashioned from the words of those who lived it. This extensively researched, cleverly crafted, comprehensive look back is the definitive account of the film that began what many have called the best, most frightening, and imaginative horror franchise in motion picture history.

  • Phantasm Exhumed

    by Dustin McNeill

    McNeill has been lurking behind the scenes of Phantasm since 2007, the year in which he launched the popular Phantasm Archive website. In 2008 he personally organized Michael Baldwin’s return to the convention scene for several cast reunions. McNeill has also designed official websites for Phantasm veterans including co-star Bill Thornbury and talented SPFX creator Mark Shostrom. In 2012 McNeill helped coordinate supplemental features for Scream Factory’s Phantasm II collector’s edition Blu-Ray release and served as an early consultant for The Ball Is Back documentary. Phantasm Exhumed is the culmination of half a decade of research.

  • Taking Shape II – The Lost Halloween Sequels

    by Dustin McNeill & Travis Mullins

    Authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins are back to bring you an inside look at 24 lost Halloween sequels you never saw on the big screen! Learn about these fascinating unmade visions direct from their creators, many of whom have never spoken publicly on the subject before. This book is brimming with untold franchise history.