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  • Angel

    by Garry Kilworth

    An angel is setting San Francisco afire. To destroy the fallen angels hiding on Earth, it will stop at nothing, no matter how many innocents have to die. Now two police detectives have discovered the terrifying truth behind this epidemic of unexplained fires. But how do you stop an angel?

  • Archangel

    by Garry Kilworth

    It’s 2002, and there’s a demon abroad in London, a soul so corrupt and foul that Satan himself has recruited him from the legions of the dead. Only one entity in Heaven can counter his power – an Archangel, an angel of the highest rank.

  • Carrion

    by Gary Brandner

    He’s America’s newest hero. He possesses the most awesome gift any man can master. He can reach beyond the grave to awaken the dearly departed. But their souls no longer inhabit their bodies. The things that now walk the earth – the things he has brought back – are carrion.

  • Cellars

    by John Shirley

    An ancient evil deep beneath New York City turns subway stations into bloody altars for ritual sacrifice. Monsters made of blood arise from drains, an invisible hellhound devours human flesh, feral children stalk the shadowy streets and make murder a terrifying game.

  • Doomstalker

    by Gary Brandner

    Marika, a young female member of an intelligent, canine-like race, survives the massacre of her tribe by nomads, only to be captured by the Silth Witches who want to use her psychic powers for their own battles with the nomads.

  • Dracula In Love

    by John Shirley

    The moment Vladimir Horescu saw the letter, he felt an ominous chill. Then, he opened it–and found a note from his unknown father, a note signed by Dracula! A haunting and bizarre Dracula tale mixed with an equally bizarre erotic love story.

  • Dragon

    by William Schoell

    Photographer Eddie Drake jumped at the chance to join an archaeological expedition to the lost city of El Lobo. But he was utterly unprepared for their bizarre discovery of seemingly endless caverns beneath the Mexican mesa–caverns formed of living flesh!

  • East End Girls

    by Rena Mason

    Cover Art by Lynne Hansen

    Three-time Bram Stoker Award winner Rena Mason offers a fascinating new perspective on some of the most-remembered and written about murders in history.

    Seized by the vicious killings of Jack the Ripper, Victorian London’s East End is on the brink of ruin. Elizabeth Covington, desperate and failing to follow in her beloved father’s footsteps, risks practicing medicine in the dangerous and neglected Whitechapel District to improve her studies.

    Elizabeth crosses paths with a man she believes is the villain, triggering a downward spiral that exposes her to a depth of evil she never knew existed.

    Only she knows the truth that drives the madness of a murderer.

  • Fatal Beauty

    by William Schoell

    They called it porodyne. A bizarre by-product of bio-engineering, porodyne has been found — quite accidentally — to have some very special properties. Properties that could render cosmetic surgery obsolete. Properties that could turn Barrows Industries into a billion-dollar gold mine. The changes porodyne makes in human skin are permanent. It could mean new life for burn victims, people scarred by accidents, old folk yearning to be young again, models who insist on being more beautiful…

  • Fright Night

    by John Skipp & Craig Spector
    Read by Pete Atkins | Music by Justin Vonderach

    Fright Night is a novelization of the classic horror movie.

  • Hamlet II – Ophelia’s Revenge

    by David Bergantino
    Cover designed by Miguel Cordova and Evelyna Nazari

    Football star Cameron Dean is genuine campus royalty at Globe University, but his life is more of a nightmare than a dream. Not only was his dad murdered under mysterious circumstances, but Cameron suspects that his mom and aunt may have had something to do with it! Now the only question is: to die or not to die?

  • Hot Splices

    by Mike Watt

    If you do not love film… If you do not wish to devour it as it devours you… If all you seek from film is entertainment… …This is not the book for you. From filmmaker Mike Watt, author of “Phobophobia” and “Suicide Machine”, director of “Razor Days” and “A Feast of Flesh”, comes a brand new collection of horror fiction. You’ll never watch a movie again without also feeling like you’re being watched.

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