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  • The Big Brain 3 – Energy Zero

    by Gary Brandner

    The Big Brain is powerless, and so is the rest of the country. Call it energy crisis, blackout, magnetic warp .. Call It what you will, but there is just no electricity, plain and simple. Lights won’t light, motors won’t start – And without any AC, DC is on its knees, ready to surrender.

  • The Boiling Pool

    by Gary Brandner

    A boy pays a fearful price for a secret older than time. A young wife and mother battles ageless evil in defense of her family. Quiet, prosperous Westbrooke explodes into chaos when the demon is roused from… THE BOILING POOL.

  • The Brain Eaters

    by Gary Brandner
    Read by Sean Duregger

    An epidemic of shocking violence sweeps across America as a series of seemingly unrelated atrocities lead reporter Corey Macklin and researcher Dena Faulkner on the trail of the Brain Eaters

  • The Players

    by Gary Brandner

    In the tumultuous, cut-throat world of the tennis superstar, these are the goals that drive men to desperate lengths—that squeeze the last ounce of competitive spirit from them—that propel them into a high-pressure existence where the only release is on the court—or in the white heat of passion.

  • The Sterling Standard

    by Gary Brandner

    Sterling Dane was three women—Beautiful jet-setter—with her elegant, rich friends she traveled to world, skiing, gambling, and partying. International jewel thief—unbeknownst to anyone, Sterling was a modern day Robin Hood, always one step ahead of Nicole Rulan, the Interpol agent determined to catch her. Lover—it was out of love for Raoul Costa, the greatest jewel thief of all, that Nicole sought out the most challenging crimes. For she hoped that the lure of the Rashman ruby, stolen by King Kahlil, might finally enable her to snare her greatest prize, the man of her dreams.

  • Walkers

    by Gary Brandner

    Joanna was one of the dead. But she was brought back to life!

    That’s when people began trying to kill her…nice people…the last people in the world anyone would suspect of being capable of murder–people who were already dead… Walkers: The most terrifying novel you’ve ever read!

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