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The Evolutionist
I had no idea where this macabre story was heading and loved every second of this journey into madness. Wonderfully narrated by Carol Schneider. Give it a listen!

Truck Stop
I didn't see how this ended coming. Wow what a great listen it's not very long but it keeps your attention and wondering till the end I loved the story five thumbs up from me very well worth getting.

The Brain Eaters
What an amazing book. Amazing narration. I could not stop. It was like I was having my brain eaten.

The Hundred-Year Christmas
From the author of Rambo: First Blood….comes a heartwarming story of Santa that David Morell wrote for his kids. This will definitely become a Christmas tradition listen. Wonderfully narrated by Owen Moogan.

Driving in LA
Ms. Bakke's narration was fantastic. It sounded natural and I would absolutely love to listen to more performances of hers.

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