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Everyday Monsters
A captivating read that excels in unpredictable twists, strong characterization, and a plot that slowly reveals the real monsters in this world. Warning: they're not what the reader expects.
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Taking Shape
Highly recommended for Halloween, horror, and film fans alike. Christian Francis deserves a shout out for his narration. I LOVED his dramatic readings of Loomis's lines and thoroughly enjoyed how he read the interviews. Well done.

The Evolutionist
I had no idea where this macabre story was heading and loved every second of this journey into madness. Wonderfully narrated by Carol Schneider. Give it a listen!

Truck Stop
I didn't see how this ended coming. Wow what a great listen it's not very long but it keeps your attention and wondering till the end I loved the story five thumbs up from me very well worth getting.

The Brain Eaters
What an amazing book. Amazing narration. I could not stop. It was like I was having my brain eaten.

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Encyclopocalypse on Daily Dead!

Mark Alan Miller and his creative team at Encyclopocalypse have been bringing horror books to life with compelling audio versions, and now the company is expanding with the launch of a publishing imprint for original content and movie novelizations, including Fright Night and Re-Animator:

Read the whole article here...

Encyclopocalypse on Audiobooks From Hell!

On this, the pilot episode of Audiobooks From Hell, Mark Allan Miller joins Sean Duregger to discuss 80’s horror paperbacks and his journey into producing quality genre audiobooks with Encyclopocalypse Publications.


Casting Announcement 2

Great news for those who love audiobooks! Hellraiser‘s Doug Bradley and The Stand‘s Mick Garris have signed on for roles in audio adaptation of Preston Fassel’s Our Lady of the Inferno! Bradley will be voicing The Colonel while Garris will be the voice of Nicolette’s boss. The two join Barbara Crampton, Desi Williams, Autumn Ivy, and Mchaji Celestaine...


Casting Announcement

by Encyclopocalypse Publications is preparing to produce Preston Fassel’s novel Our Lady Of The Inferno as an audiobook.
Horror legend Barbara Crampton will voice Nicolette, “a waste management executive in 1980s Manhattan who moonlights as a serial killer". She’ll be joined by voice actress Gigi Shane as Nicolette’s street-smart nemesis Ginny Kurva, the whip-smart mother hen to a pack of 42nd Street sex workers.

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